Legal Register

The Online Singapore EHS Legislation Updating Service provided by EQS Technologies enables subscribers to have access to a database of Singapore EHS Legislation and receive quarterly updates on changes of EHS legal requirements.

However, the legal Legislation in the database and the amendments in the quarterly updates are not specific to your organisation. You will need to determine the relevant EHS legislation and the amendments to your organisation, taking into account of your organisation’s activities, products, services, premises and size, etc. You will also need to determine how the legal requirements and the amendments impact your organisation and what your organisation needs to do in order to meet the applicable legal requirements and ensure compliance.

In response to client needs, we provide services to develop and maintain customized EHS legal register. It is an excellent tool to communicate applicable EHS legal requirements and evaluate regulatory compliance.

The service includes an initial review of EHS related licences and permits as well as a site verification to determine the applicable legal requirements and how these requirements apply to the client organization. The applicable legal requirements are then systematically compiled and documented into a user-friendly format in Excel spreadsheet as Legal Register.

In consultation with client, the changes in legal requirements are reviewed for relevance and the customized legal register is updated quarterly.