About EQS Technologies

EQS Technologies Pte Ltd is a member of EQS Asia, a leading training and consulting group. Established in 2007, EQS Technologies consolidate the EHS legislation updating service provided by EQS Asia and Regional Institute of Environmental Technology (RIET).

Today, EQS Technologies operate and manage a dynamic portal for EHS legislation with updating service including Singapore and Malaysia. More than 1000 organisations have been benefited from this service in maintaining ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certification as well as assuring their legal compliance.

Why Us?

Time & Effort Saving

Time & effort saving in searching information at difference places & from different government ministries.

EHS Legislation References

You will have the local EHS legislation reference in regards to your ISO 14001 EMS, Responsible Care Programme, Corporate EHS Compliance Audits and other EHS projects

Regulatory Compliance

You will know what are the regulatory issue to comply such as Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Land Pollution, Waste Management, Noise Pollution, Fire Safety & etc

Up-to-Date Information

Keeps you informed of the latest & up-to-date information on EHS laws and legislation.

Easy Access

Easy to access which makes browsing, referencing & searching straight forward and fast

Extra Assistance

Get extra assistance from our customer support service online.

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