Scope of EHS Acts and Subsidiary Legislation covered:

    • Air Navigation Act 1966, Part 2
    • Arms and Explosives Act 1913
    • Biological Agents and Toxins Act 2005
    • Building Control Act 1989, Part 3B & 5
    • Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act 2004, Part 3
    • Carbon Pricing Act 2018
      Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act 2000
    • Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act 1998
    • COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020
    • District Cooling Act 2001
    • Electric Vehicles Charging Act 2022
    • Electricity Act 2001
    • Employment Act 1968, Part 4
    • Energy Conservation Act 2012
    • Environmental Protection and Management Act 1999
    • Environmental Public Health Act 1987
    • Fire Safety Act 1993
    • Gas Act 2001
    • Guns, Explosives and Weapons Control Act 2021 (uncommenced)
    • Hazardous Waste (Control of Export, Import and Transit) Act 1997
    • Hydrogen Cyanide (Fumigation) Act 1947
    • Infrastructure Protection Act 2017
    • Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Act 1996
    • Parks and Trees Act 1974, Part 5
    • Poisons Act 1938
    • Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Act 1990
    • Public Utilities Act 2001
      Radiation Protection Act 2007
    • Resource Sustainability Act 2019
    • Sewerage and Drainage Act 1999
    • Smoking (Prohibition In Certain Places) Act 1992
    • Transboundary Haze Pollution Act 2014
    • Work Injury Compensation Act 2019
    • Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006

Quarterly EHS Legislation Update Summary

The Quarterly Update Summary comprises a table of contents of the changes of EHS legislation and standards in the quarter and a summary of changes.

The update summary provides the changes in EHS legislation and standards in the last quarter. The update summary includes a change summary and remarks. The links to the amendment and the current version of the principal legislation in Singapore Statues Online are provided.

Subscribers can review the amendment and the amended version to determine the applicability of the change, the impacts to the organization and the necessary compliance actions required.

The following screenshots show the change, i.e. the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) (Amendment) Regulations 2024 and the amended version of the principal regulations.

Complimentary EHS Legal Register Template in Excel format

The complimentary EHS Legal Register Template is a compilation of EHS legislation, subsidiary legislation, EHS related Singapore Standards and Codes of Practice. Subscribers can determine the applicable legislation and standards based on their contexts of organization.

Note: The list does not include Statutes (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, miscellaneous amendments, regulations for composition of offences, offences and penalties, amendment of penalties and transition, notifications for commencement or renovation, etc.

Subscribers can also access to the selected EHS Acts and Regulations in Singapore Statutes Online provided to the public by the Legislation Division of the Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore. Examples are the legal text of the Environmental Protection and Management Act 1999 and the Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006.

The Singapore Standards are copyrighted.  Subscribers can visit the Singapore Standards eshop to download the preview of the Singapore Standards and purchase the Singapore Standards if required.

Subscribers may access to the official websites of the relevant agencies for the codes of practice issued by them.

Review of Applicable EHS Legislation

EQS Asia also provides service to determine or review the applicability of EHS Legislation to the organisation. The EHS profile based on the following contexts of the organisation will be established.

  • Organization (Name, ACRA No, ACRA industry, Registered address, business activities, business address, year of TOP, numbers of employee, etc.)
  • Responsible persons for regulated business activities
  • Responsible persons for regulated premises and building, regulated plants & equipment, substances
  • Mandatory environmental and workplace safety requirements

The EHS profile will be used as a basis to determine the applicable EHS legislation and subsidiary legislation.