About EQS Technologies

With a humble beginning as a practical reference document designed to assist Singapore Industries in identifying their legal obligations concerning the implementation of an environmental management system in 1997, EHS Legislation Updating Service has crossed its many milestones to become one of the most reliable legal sources providers in the region today.

RIET started with the first truly Singapore law handbook produced by a highly reputable law firm, Allen & Gledhill. It was a very well compiled summary of Singapore legal requirements that users found it to be very useful, especially during the time that such regulatory information were not readily available.

The highly successful handbook outlived its usefulness after a number of significant changes in environmental laws. In April 1998, the handbook was edited by Mr. Yeo Kek Koon of EQS Asia. Many document control features were added to support the growing pools of organisations seeking for ISO 14001 certification and legal compliance.

Following a comprehensive revision of the first edition, the second edition of the Handbook on Singapore Environmental Laws was published in 1998, incorporating changes in environmental and subsidiary legislation since 1997 as well as including an addition updating service in the form of email notification of relevant updates to subscribers, initiated by Mr. Yeo Kek Koon. This Handbook also included a review history of the Handbook, new topics and some key additional features that would assist industries in identifying their legal requirements and updating their legal register in accordance with ISO 14001 such as list of common environmental legislation as well as subsidiaries legislation. In this second addition, the citing of the environmental legislation was standardised according to the original documents.

As part of RIET and EQS partnership’s improved and enhanced service, online portal, www.ehslaw.net was launched in 2001 to provide subscribers with access to the most up-to-date legislation guidelines and updates at anytime, anywhere, be it at a work site with a laptop, or even at home using their given user accounts and passwords. Subscribers were then received formal quarterly notice of changes Singapore’s EHS Legislation via email. This convenient and environmental friendly feature of the subscription was well received by many supporters which then made Environmental Legislation Updating Service a popular hit and eventually the absolute leader in legislation updating service.

As more organisations implement ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 as well as extending their business to neighbouring ASEAN countries, they need to establish and maintain a procedure to identify and have access to the relevant legal and other requirements that are applicable to their activities, products and services. In order to cater to the raising need, the third edition of EHS Legislation – An Updating Service was published in 2004, extending its cope to five ASEAN Countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. The printed copy of this new edition included relevant updates up to October 2003. In this Third edition, many additional features were added to further enhance to user-friendliness such as new chapters on EHS Guidelines and Codes of Practices, a coverage of relevant, health and safety laws as well as an overview of the legal system in Singapore, together with many other features that familiarised subscribers to the EHS Legislations and Guidelines.

Following the publication of the Third edition of the Singapore EHS Legislation Handbook, the fourth revision is launched as an online version with the effort to constantly enhance the possibility of convenient and easy access at subscribers’ fingertips. The series that span 5 ASEAN countries were also uploaded onto the new portal.

Since 13th June 2008, the EHS Legislation Updating Service (Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines) has been fully operated and managed by EQS Technologies Pte Ltd as RIET decided to cease their institutional operations.

Since then, the handbooks and updating services have been benefiting more than 1000 organisations that are committed to assure themselves for legal compliance. The subscribers include government bodies, statutory boards, certification bodies, consultants, MNCs and SMEs from Singapore and worldwide. In 2012, EQS Technologies has launched the latest edition of Online EHS Legislation Updating and it has been increasingly adopted as a must have tool for organisations implementing, consulting and auditing ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 management systems to assure legal compliance.

In 2017, with commitment to improve and achieve excellence in service provision, Online EHS Legislation Portal has been merged with newly revamped EQS Asia website to provide our users with a complete experience and as a response to the needs of subscribers to bring this updating service to a new height.