The CultureSAFE is a new safety programme by MOM for organizations to embark on a WSH culture building journey via CultureSAFE cycle beyond WSH infrastructure and competency. The CultureSAFE cycle starts with management engagement and 5-step cycle of diagnostics, reporting, action planning, implementation and review.


CultureSAFE is designed for all organizations. Your organization should have achieved at least bizSAFE level 3 and implemented a WSH management system.


CultureSAFE is flexible. You can carry-out the perception survey using the CultureSAFE e-tool to measure the WSH culture or engage a CultureSAFE Consultant to assist the implementation. 

The fee for the safety culture perception survey, evidence-based survey and reporting is s$ 7200 for SME (less than 200 workforce). The culture building initiative will be proposed separately after the CultureSAFE reporting. 

Eligible local SME can apply the WSH Culture Fund (WCF) to defray the consulting cost. For the diagnostics and reporting (step 1 and 2), the support up to 70% of consulting fee or S$ 5000 max. The support for culture building initiative (step 3 to 5) is up to S$ 25000. Please refer to WSH council website at for more details.


 EQS Asia is a CultureSAFE Consulting Organization providing CultureSAFE services. For more information, please contact Stephanie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .