Our EHS Legislation updating service provides a unified and easy-to-use framework for accessing to EHS legal requirements. To support the changing nature of the legal requirements, we provide system updating to our subscribers.

  • One-stop EHS information hub on EHS Legislation
  • Compilation of the relevant legislation on Environment, Health & Safety
  • Regular updates on any change, addition or extraction made by the Government on the relevant legislations
  • Translated to layman English language and in simple layout with chapter format per Act/law
  • Online Internet Access (User ID/Password)


  • Time & effort saving in searching information at difference places & from different government ministries
  • You will have the local EHS legislation reference in regards to your ISO 14001 EMS, Responsible Care Programme, Corporate EHS Compliance Audits and other EHS projects
  • You will know what are the regulatory issue to comply such as Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Land Pollution, Waste Management, Noise Pollution, Fire Safety & etc
  • Keeps you informed of the latest & up-to-date information on EHS laws and legislation
  • Saves you the time and money in translation of the information
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Easy to access which makes browsing, referencing & searching straight forward and fast
  • Get extra assistance from our customer support service online
  • You will be entitled to substantial discount for subsequent renewal
  • Additional user accounts can be added to the subscription at a low cost

To have a better picture of the benefits of being our valuable subscribers, here are some of our key sample documents for your reference:

  • Singapore EHS Contents: the scope of coverage of our Singapore EHS Updating Service, ranging from Environmental Legislations to Resource Conservation Legislations
  • Singapore Standards and Codes of Practice: the list of EHS relevant Standards and CP to keep you informed of latest functional or technical requirements. Note: we only provide the latest listing of relevant Standards and CP, not the content as it is copyrighted by SPRING Singapore. All original copy of Singapore Standards should be purchased from TOPPAN.
  • Update Summary: summary of the latest changes are consolidated and uploaded frequently on our website to keep you updated.
  • Sample legislation: updates are highlighted in the regulations that come with effective date (if applicable) for easy reference. 

Note: The EHS information is only intended to serve as a guide for companies and cannot be used in the court of law or any other legal proceeding purposes.