Adaptec Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:09
“RIET's EHS Singapore Legislation has helped us to maintain a neat and concise register of relevant Acts and Regulations for our internal reference and external ISO14001 audit. The regular updates from RIET made our register updating much easier and saves us a lot of time and effort. ”
Airfoil Technologies International – Singapore Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:09
“Compliance is one of the key to sustain a successful business. The regulatory compliance updating services provided by RIET offers that and cleverly married with its ease of use and affordability.” - Mr. Sunny Ng
Becton Dickinson Critical Care Systems Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:08
“The EHS service has proven to be especially helpful in our constant effort to remain in regulatory compliance.” – Mr. Chan Chee Seng
Cookson Semiconductor Packaging Materials
2011-11-29, 04:08
“The days of updating a particular paragraph or page of an Act are over with RIET legal updating service.” - Mr. Tay Sing Poo
ESE Industries (S) Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:07
“Easy to update legislation related to our process, services and activities.” - Ms Kyu Kyu Thin
F&N Coca Cola (Singapore) Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:06
“Indeed reliable, up-to-date source of reference on matters concerning environmental, health and safety which every company should have in custody.”
Hempel Coatings
2011-11-29, 04:06
“Useful update for user's quick reference and follow-up.”
ItalSing Petroleum Company Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:05
“A one - point updating system for HSE regulations in Singapore which is also well-recognised by the accreditation bodies” - Mr. Kishore R. Wagle
Lucent Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:05
“We have benefited from RIET's EHS service as the information is kept updated and it is easy for us to keep track of new regulations. I would recommend this service to all in the EHS profession. ”
NatSteel Asia Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:04
“The updating service provides information that industries need to run their businesses without negative safety, health or environmental impacts. The quick legal browsing system is a must have for all ESH professionals as the majority of legislations have been shrunk into understandable language for EHS professionals to clearly interpret.” - Mr. Suriakumaran S/O Chayapalan
Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:04
“A valuable and efficient service with regards to updated local legislations to my organisation and related courses for the EHS professionals for continuing development.” - Mr. Winston Low
Singapore Oxygen Air Liquide Pte Ltd
2011-11-29, 04:03
“Certainly very helpful as it saves tremendous amount of time collating and compiling information plus watching and monitoring legal updates. Without this, most of the HSE personnel, will be preoccupied with such activity and will not be able to effectively handle their job well. ” - Mr. George Ong
Venture Corporation Limited
2011-11-29, 04:03
“It helps us from the start and till now on the course of maintaining and updating our EMS at the fingertips” - Mr. Gilbert N. Penaflor
Other EHS subscribers
2011-11-29, 04:02
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